Look into our eyes

Meet us and discover our desires.

My name is Paulien Vreugdenhil and I am happily married to Jan. Together we have four children that we enjoy! I like inspiring conversations, depth, but also to celebrate life and to laugh. I like being involved in processes of development and being able to be meaningful. I love seeing something or someone come into its place and I believe that you are stronger together. We need each other and together you can shape the new and honor the old. Among other things, Streams originated from this. After purchasing the properties in Kloosterstraat, God soon led me to the Tweede Pastorie. A unique house with a special history. A house of prayer which is a basis for us as Streams but also for me personally. A place where God is central. Prayer is what I believe in and where everything can come together as He intended! In this way I long to create places where there is freedom and at the same time connection. Where “known” and “unknown” embark on a journey of discovery together. That is what is important to me, being allowed to set new initiatives apart from boxes and boxes. My Source is that of love, joy and peace. New space, recovery, healing and the judgment passed. Because that is what Jesus brings!

My name is Werner Bredemeijer. Together with my wife Rachel I have 4 children. I am a lively person and I love big challenges and dreams, because I believe that anything is possible with God. In my life I try to understand God’s voice better and better. My desire is to further equip people with this. As a bridge builder I like to connect people with each other. But I also long to bring people into contact with God in a relaxed way.
From the beginning I have been involved with Streams to set the vision that we have in motion. Streams has touched my heart because it is a great way to receive the love of Jesus and to show it and to pass it on in a unique way. The love of God is limitless and has touched me so much that I want to bless others.

I am Marie-Jeanne Wijnbeek-Simons. I am the mother of three amazing creatives. I was born and grew up in South Africa and I live in the Netherlands since 1999. I am an artist and drawing therapist and I work on creative processes every day; sometimes my own, but mostly from or for another. Creative processes, images and what images do to you have always had my interest. Creativity is God’s gift to us. We are creative beings and our life is in a way a work of art. My mission is to guide people in visually portraying their identity, ideas and dreams. And this certainly also in a “flow” within Streams!
Many of us have lost creativity for all sorts of everyday reasons: a busy schedule, work, children, responsibilities, etc. But it is still somewhere, dormant. It can never really disappear. As soon as we start working with a creative impulse and take that first hesitant step, no matter how uncertain, this source wakes up again. In this way we can be open to new discoveries again and surprise and inspire ourselves!

I am Ida Klepper, married to Cees. We have two married children and a beautiful granddaughter. We have had many adventures in our lives, but the best adventure is my life with God. Who am I? Where are my passions? My greatest passion is Jesus and He has given me a lot. Such as my talent for painting. I love to encourage others in this by giving painting workshops, see my website for that. I like calling people out. To help them find happiness in discovering opportunities and sometimes looking at their lives in a new way. I do this by having conversations as a counselor. The basis of my life lies in the intimacy with God. That is the key to happiness for me. Streams came our way at a most unexpected moment. The challenge is to make our faith visible together in a new, fresh way, outside the box. I believe in prayer that God hears and cares. “Come,” He says, “you can be there.” How beautiful is that!

Hello, I am Cees Klepper, married to Ida. As you can read from her, we have 2 married kids and in 2016 we became grandparents of a lovely granddaughter. In the same year we also joined Streams, and God led us from Haarlem to Nijkerk. Prayer and intercession have always been central to our lives and in 2006 Ida and I started Glory Ministries, a ministry to mobilize and equip intercessors. Within Streams we now do that in the House of Prayer. I love to write and make music, in which I try to express what my faith in God means to me. More than 45 years ago I chose to follow Jesus. That’s how I got to know God as a loving Father. He is the One who knows me better than anyone and leads my life. He is my Inspirator and my Power Source. That is why it is my desire that others also come to know God as Father. Within Streams I see so many possibilities to bring people into contact with that God, so that they can discover His love.