Help us

Streams has set a number of goals. We want to achieve this by:

  • stimulating the involvement of citizens in the social field (citizen participation);
  • organizing social and cultural activities;
  • organizing and providing meeting places for young and old;
  • setting up and offering work-study programs;
  • facilitating reflection centers.

We are a growing group of people who join in to help build the dream. Each in his or her own place and way. Do you want to think along, spar, pray, work, help, build, give or just meet? Gladly! Contact us or walk into one of the meeting places. Briefly state your expertise, wish or idea. Then we connect the right interlocutor with you.

Donate – ANBI
Since 12 November 2015, the Streams Foundation has been classified by the Tax and Customs Administration as a General Benefit Institution (in Dutch: ANBI). Here you will find our public ANBI accountability (in Dutch). The ANBI status has a number of Dutch tax benefits.
If you want to contribute financially, you can transfer your donation to IBAN Account details: NL85RABO0307947335, in the name of Stichting Streams.

Thank you very much for your contribution!